Oooo! I made this up today and had to get it on the blog. Even my wife who doesn’t like french toast thought it was ok.


Homogenized liquid egg whites, Blue Diamond Almond/Coconut milk blend, wheat bread. Optional: cinnamon and Ideal sweetener.

Take equal parts homogenized egg whites and Blue Diamond coconut/almond blend and put it in a flat container. I used a square container bottom a little bigger than a slice of bread.

Add cinnamon and Ideal sweetener optionally and then whisk.

The egg whites are thinner when homogenized, and soak very quickly into the bread, so once it’s all whisked, drop it and flip it quickly. But this makes GREAT texture, because they soak into the bread vs. using a yoke or whites from an egg too which tends to sit on the outside of the bread. So it’s kinda gooey on the inside. It also lets the bread get crisper. Less fat and cholesterol too by using whites only.

I use Smart Squeeze for the ‘butter’ and Mrs. Butterworth’s sugar free. Or some honey or a little of both.