I always make sure people get the best deal. It’s just good for business. Part of my service level is ensuring that. As I was writing an email to a customer this morning who is going to be buying a fair amount of product, and potentially making recurring purchases, it struck me that this is good info for anyone in that situation.

The email I sent:

First sign up here for a free account:


This is totally free.

It will track your workouts, gives valuable diet tips, recipes, and has a good support group via the message boards.

When you buy through me, it’s less expensive than Amazon. *$20 less*, AND you get two extra DVDs, so that’s any easy decision.

If you are going to be buy supplements regularly, you can pay a small fee of about $17 a month but then you get 25% off.

I save about $60 a month this way.

Also if you do that, you can get $30 more off P90X, making it $89.96 for a brand new copy with the extra DVDs.

Once you sign up, figure 25% off everything you see. The fee is also tax deductible, and you can generate some good tax deductions that way.

This is perfect for you because we HAVE Les Mills COMBAT *AND* PUMP programs, so you could possibly eliminate the YMCA fees, gas and mileage, and time spent just getting there and back and workout at home.

I save a ton of time and money and bust those excuses because I have my yoga mat, free standing pullup bar, bands, weights, Yoga blocks, etc. all upstairs. It doesn’t take me 15-20 minutes to get all my stuff together and head to gym, and then pack it up and come home. I have a ceiling fan, oscillating fan, and a nice view out the window.

I workout as soon as I have time because I’m at my gym already. And it’s cheaper.

As to supplements, I use this:


It’s got the creatine, 4:1 carb/protein ratio built in, as well as a big dose of antioxidants. Plus it tastes good. About $1.50 a serving with the discount.

We have good equipment and good support. I and a buddy have had minor issues with some equipment and not only have they replaced it, they sent EXTRA stuff. We’re not always the absolute cheapest, but it’s kind of like Apple: the customer service is usually very very good and you get better support.

I have a mix of Beachbody and other gear, but the Beachbody quality is better typically than Academy, Target, etc.

There’s a lot of info here, so email me back, but step 1 is to get the free account via the link at the top.

End Email

If you’re ready to buy P90X, Insanity, and all the other Beachbody products at a 25% discount (and no sales tax on many things) here’s the Coach discount signup link:


The math works.