Here’s a letter I sent out to customers that have ordered Shakeology. If you are looking for the best, cheapest price, now is the time to order.

Short and simple, everything is getting more expensive these days. BUT you can lock in the current price on Shakeology.

The non-vegan price is going up $10 retail, $7.50 for coaches. The vegan versions are staying the same, but read on, because you could save $40 more if you are not getting the Coach discount and using Home Direct.

As a reminder, here are the potential savings:

Home Direct: Free shipping =$10 roughly, and save another $10 if you create a Home Direct Order before March 31st.
Coach 25% Discount: $30 on non-vegan Shakeology, $32.50 on Vegan
Club 10% Discount: $12 on non-vegan Shakeology, $13 on Vegan

And as I always say, if you just want the discount and not the other Club features, the Coach is the way to go. You’re throwing money away if you don’t use it.

A Coach on Home Direct is a $50 savings per bag. Right now, I pay $89.96 shipped for a bag of Shakeology.

If you have any questions, contact me.

And as always, keep in touch and thanks for your business.