Click here and then the banner to purchase is on the right side. I recommend the challenge pack. Might as well get some food for free. If you don’t like it, or the workout, you get your money back.

And you’ll get an awesome workout in 25 minutes. Now what’s your excuse?

I own Fast and Furious, and I know for a fact that Shaun T will wipe you and himself out in that amount of time. It’s ok to ‘fail’. If you don’t, you’re not pushing yourself. It’s ok to think ‘I’m not ready for this.’ Now ignore that thought, and just do your best. You ARE ready. Come as you are.

So, order it, show up, press play, do your best and watch what you eat. We can help with it all. Contact me with any questions or to keep in touch so I can motivate you.

Here’s what you can expect:

Check out the results at about the 2:40 mark. WOW. They continue, so keep watching. Average people who made an effort. That’s it. You can too.