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Updated 16 March, 2015: Just order a sampler here, then email me and I’ll send you the Shaker. Now you can order just the Vegan options or all 6 flavors.

Trying to figure out something healthy to have for breakfast or snack on? Shakeology has over SEVENTY ingredients such as tons of superfoods, high protein, fiber, nothing artificial, and yet it tastes great without a lot of sugar or calories.

Don’t ‘gamble’ on lesser quality and try the ‘full house’ of 5 Shakeology flavors.

From left to right: Vanilla, Vegan Tropical Strawberry, Vegan Chocolate, Chocolate, and Greenberry.

There is a 30 day ‘bottom of the bag’ guarantee so you can try it and get your money back for any reason.

Learn more at

Ask me about a 25% discount and free shipping.

Disclaimer: This is not an offer to sell Shakeology at below allowed prices, the $22 is only for people who are not current customers and is limited to one per person for purposes of deciding if you like it, and what flavor(s) you would like to try for a 30 day no-risk period. The $22 merely covers the prices for 5 individual servings and the shaker. Offer only to Sienna Plantation residents at this time, or those willing to meet me in the neighborhood.