I have them both. Here’s the quick and dirty:


Insanity is a lot more Cardio with some strength emphasis. P90X is more of a blend of EVERYTHING. Yoga, stretching, cardio, some basic martial arts stuff, resistance (weights/pullup/pushups) and more.


I’m biased, because I did not use Insanity until after P90X, which I’d been at for years.


P90X will seem like a relaxed pace compared to Insanity, which is an appropriate name. But both are excellent.


You could do what I do, and blend them both, substituting Insanity for the P90X cardio type days. Many people do this so they don’t lose muscle mass by doing just Insanity.

Insanity for some muscle development and leanness, P90X to add more emphasis on building muscle.

Try them, one or both, by ordering via the ‘Shop Here’ link at the top. Both have great money back guarantees, and here’s my personal guarantee:

I’m available, and I’m going to help you.

P.S. By ordering from me, you get some bonus workouts. I use the Insanity ‘Fast and Furious’ to get in a good sweat in about 20 minutes. You can’t get back and forth to the gym in that amount of time! Here, you’re done with that workout using just your wasted drive time. P90X also includes some bonuses so you win either way.