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Adding about half the weight back that I’ve lost. 🙂 I was 197, I weigh 175 and I’m starting with 11lbs in the vest.

It’s pretty cool: comes with 8×1.5lbs and 8x1lbs for a total of 20 lbs. I’m going to start with pushups and pullups. New weights made P90X a new program again, and this is going to make it new AGAIN.

I keep finding ways to change and improve my workout, but re-use my investment in the program. It’s a beautiful thing. I got a bargain on this: it’s about $80 on Amazon, but I got it shipped for $35 at a sale site. Practically free, considering a 22lb shipping weight.

As of this writing it LOOKS like you can still buy it here: http://www.thatdailydeal.com/home.php?id=27916 

Don’t do the 99cent add on, I got a package of 80 baby wipes. Which isn’t bad for a pack of wipes I guess, but, meh.

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Here it is on Amazon, if you can’t get the link above to work. And it’s less than HALF of what it costs on Amazon.