Here are my results from my fasting test for a military physical in 2008. Not very informative but that’s the military for you. 297 as you can see for total cholesterol.

military cholesterol

Here it is in 2011 after doing P90X for a couple of years and starting Shakeology. Sorry, I don’t remember when I started using Shakeology. 🙂 Click it for a larger view.

cholesterol panel 2011 results lipid rediclinic


196 divided by 297 means I cut my cholesterol 34.1% And my good cholesterol ration that should be 5 or less is 2.7 which means it’s almost twice as good as ‘acceptable’.

The military was a fasting weight, the other was non-fasting. I’d had a Shakeology that morning. Hey, what’s 160 calories?

Edit: I went back and looked at my orders. The first one was 6/25/2011 for a bag of Chocolate Shakeology. So at this point I’d been using Shakeology for 6 months.

I currently weigh 178 vs 197 when I had the military physical. I’m in WAAAAAAAY better shape now at 42 than I ever was in the military even during Basic and Officer Training School.

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