The P90X Challenge Pack is on sale for $180 during October 2013.

You get a free Coach membership worth $40. After the first month there is a small fee, but you get 25% off supplements, etc. I spend $17 on the (tax deductible!) fee but save about $50-$60 per month.

The Challenge Pack comes with a month of Shakeology which is $97 (and some change) after the 25% discount.

So, $180-$40 (free coach membership)-$97(Shakeology)=$43 remaining for P90X.

Not only that it comes with 5 extra workouts that it didn’t used to, and by ordering using THIS LINK you get another 2 DVDs, bringing the total up to 20 DVDs vs. the set of 14.

That’s about $2 per disc.

Aren’t you glad I thought about all this for you? 🙂

Always feel free to call me if you want to know how to get the best deal or have questions. My number is in the upper right corner.