I’ve told so many people this: Stop wasting time and gas and gym fees. At least when you buy programs and gear, it’s WORTH SOMETHING that you get to keep. Gym fees that you don’t use just go out the window.

You can start with a good program like P90X2 or P90X2 and a few minimal pieces like resistance bands. Over time, add gear as budget allows and your needs change. I’ve managed to pick up a lot of used gear and built myself a fully capable gym upstairs that is worth more than what I paid out because I shopped around and used my 25% Team Beachbody discount.

Click ‘Shop’ at the top. P90x and X2 Challenge packs are on sale for a few more days and come with the 25% discount free for a month. $280 retail, $180 cost. The Discount costs $25 for enrollment and $15 for the first month but it comes with the pack with a simple piece of paperwork or email.

And last but not least: Check out my photo results that I got with my little cheap home gym.