In most cases, these will be obvious, but I bet quite a few people have never heard of. The idea of all this is relatively pain free, fairly healthy calorie reductions and eating modification. Nothing radical. Saving 100 calories a day is an easy pound off per month.

Put your ideas in the comments, I’ll add them here if they are good. I’ll try to put the calories if I know them, or why something is a good substitute. Here’s a start we will add to:

Original Food / Substitute Food

Cheese / This is a tough one, so here’s a BETTER cheese, IMHO: It takes less calories to get a lot of flavor. You can smell it through the wrapper. So, I call it a win. I used it in my low carb fake potato soup/mashed potato recipe. Also fat free Neufchâtel or Cream Cheese. It’s of course very thick and cheesy.

Peanut Butter 180 calories / PB2 45 calories

Fat Free Milk 80 calories / Coconut Almond Blue Diamond Unsweetened 45 calories

Butter ?? / Smart Squeeze 5 cals per tbsp.

Mashed potatoes / boiled and blended cauliflower (low carb, taste great!)

Spreads-Mayonaise-Dips / Low fat Hummus. Check the label! Also fat free Neufchâtel or Cream Cheese.

Sugar / Ideal Sweetener – Fructose! (link to small article I wrote) -Truvia – Swerve – Any sugar alcohol like xylitol or erythritol or a blend.

Beef / Chicken-Turkey. Turkey’s usually cheaper.

Soda / Sparkling Water + fruit juice concentrate (no artificial junk)

Bread / Low calorie rounds. You can shave about 40 calories per sandwich. Also, low carb tortillas which have high fiber too.

Ice Cream / My Healthy Ice Milk Recipe.

Please check prices on Amazon and if they look good, buy it and support my meager efforts. Oh look, a handy search box!