Pretty simple recipe here that anyone can do. You only need one pot.

Boil cauliflower in water (duh) with seasonings: Salt, pepper, bouillon, cajun seasoning…whatever your tastes are. Let the water boil down so that most of it’s gone but some is left. The cauliflower needs to get very soft.

Use a potato masher or something to break it up.

Let it all cool. Take about 80% of the cauliflower and blend it, process it, etc. if you want to make a fake potato soup. Blend it all to make mashed fake potato. Not blending it all leaves some texture.

Again, whatever your tastes are.

Cook it until it’s soup or thicker. Or cook off more water in step one to make it thicker.

Optional ingredients:

Turkey Bacon Bits

Pecorino Romano Cheese (strong hard cheese..doesn’t take much for flavor)

Tip: start it one day with step one, the boiling, and complete the rest on day two after it’s cool.