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Just so you know, the little girl in the picture is my daughter who is now 15. I plan to be around and healthy for her and my family for a long time!

Want the short version of this article? Pick a program by checking out the hundreds of digital streaming versions here. $10 a month for thousands of dollars worth of DVD sets. See a tour of it in this video below. New programs and workouts are added all the time.

Now do the program you choose and clean up your diet. If you follow the program and eating guide, and sleep right, you will get the results.

Your commitment will determine your success. I will help you.

I’ve run the range from fairly slim to fairly fit and back to fairly fat and pretty out of shape. Now I’m fairly ripped. 🙂

At no time previously in my life have I been in the great health that I’m in now including Army Basic, Air Force OTS, Navy API, Survival School…I’ve been there, done that, and still have some of the T-shirts.

I started P90X in 2009 and did it for 13 months. I lost 32 lbs in the first 110 days. You can see my progress album on Facebook here. I still fit in that Army uniform from 1989 as shown in the album. 🙂

There’s photos of me being pretty fat going back to 1999. But no more.

I started P90X in October of 2010 and did it for 13 months as a customer. I was always talking bout my weight loss and fitness, so in November 2010, I decided to start sharing what I’d learned with others by being a Team Beachbody Coach.

It’s rewarding me by helping people get healthier, gets me 25% off my protein bars, supplements, programs, gear, etc, and makes a nice little side income. It keeps my focusing on my fitness because now I have to set the example for YOU.

In September 2013, I considered myself an accomplished P90X’er and moved to P90X2. For those of you doing the math, that meant 4 YEARS of P90X. And Insanity, Ten Minute Trainer, and more.

In August of 2014 I started doing Body Beast because I wanted to build more muscle and because it is one of the best forms of exercise as you age. I LOVE this workout. I’m on my 4th 12 week round of it. I’m about halfway through round 4 as I write this in June 2015.

In short my story is this: average guy works out in his game room, sticks with it, succeeds, and is willing to help you do the same.

Get started free here. Contact me any time. My info is in the upper right side here, and when you log in to the account you create here there’s a button on the upper left to contact me.

I’ll help you do for yourself what I did for myself.