Updated: I also like Sin-Free, which is a sugar alcohol blend and tastes better than sugar. Xylitol is supposed to reduce calories and in general there are several health benefits possible which you can Google to learn about.

Everyone loves sweet stuff, right? But of course, we don’t want a bunch of calories without purpose. (There’s a time and place for simple sugars, though. I always think of a Recovery Drink for post-workout as a prime example.)

If you’re looking for a better sugar, I vote for fructose. You can buy both in bulk pretty cheaply. I get mine at HEB.


  • -It’s a fruit sugar, refined from beets and such
  • minimal effect on blood sugar. If you can eat fruit, this is probably fine for you in small quantities (Ask your doctor.)
  • -comes in granulated form like regular sugar
  • “It is the sweetest of all naturally occurring carbohydrates.” (Wikipedia) So you need less of it to get the same sweetness=less calories. The same Wikipedia entry says when combined with other sweeteners it appears to taste sweeter than both individually. An idea: mix in a little raw sugar. 73% sweeter than sucrose.


  • Can raise cholesterol levels
  • Can give some GI discomfort, but if you’re ok with fruit, I’d think you’d be ok here.

Personally, I use it in my coffee and for very little else so all the expense and ill effects are minimal for me.

Here’s the whole Wikipedia article.

It’s pretty cheap on Amazon; about $3 a pound so for coffee and tea it would last you a very long time.

Truvia is a leaf extract so it’s natural too, but it has a slightly bitter taste to me. It would be my third choice. And brand DOES matter when buying stevia products like Truvia. Some are yuck. Truvia is pretty good.