Shakeology can be a LOT cheaper. Veterans and active military (or a spouse) can get the discount free, others have to pay a few dollars but still should save at least $15 per bag.

First, the ‘Too long, Don’t want to Read it’ version in a graph:

(Veterans, read down for your deal. You get this free.)

This discount can be backdated for any purchase within 30 days. So if you recently bought a bag, contact me.)

Please note: I get some credit if you use my referral links and that’s how I support myself and keep all this good information flowing. So:

  • If you don’t have a Team Beachbody account of any sort (customer or Club etc.), Sign up here for the Coach 25% discount
  • If you have an account already, Click to open a pre-filled email to make Rob your Coach. Send that email, THEN use the link above to sign up for the Coach discount.
  • If you have purchased a Challenge Pack the $40 fee to become a Coach for the 25% discount is WAIVED if you become a Coach within 30 days. A video on Challenge Packs is here. You also get a free Club Membership for 30 days but that’s only a 10% discount.
  • If you make your order ‘HD’ or Autoship, they give you another $10 or so off shipping. You can get it every 1, 2, or 3 months.
  • If you want a free account to look around and learn more, Click here to get one.
  • If you have questions, call or email or Skype me.

Thank you! I put a lot of time and money into beachfitrob and I really appreciate you.


Now, here’s the long version.



This signup costs $39.95 plus tax for month one, BUT you save $32.50 on Shakeology. It’s almost a wash.

The next month, the monthly fee is only around $17 and you still save $32.50 on Shakeology so your net savings is $15.50. PLUS if you have Shakeology automatically delivered, shipping is only $4 (Changed Sep 1 2015 from $2) vs. around $14.


If you are a veteran or still in the service, this signup fee is waived with a DD214 or other proof of service.

The monthly fees are also waived with a minimum amount of orders every 90 days. A bag of Shakeology every 90 days would be enough, or 5 boxes of protein bars would be another example.


That’s a $27 savings so far off retail. If that’s all you want, stop reading here.

These fees are also tax deductible because they are ‘business’ fees. You don’t have to do a thing but enjoy the discount.

If you don’t have any home business deductions this can be huge. Cell phone, internet, all the basic deductions can reduce your tax bill. Disclaimer: my CPA says you can deduct expenses for two years before the IRS considers it a hobby. Consult an accountant. I am not one. 🙂

Next: DON’T buy the packets. Buy the bulk bag. They are the SAME price but you get 24 servings in the packets vs. 30 in the bag. That’s another 25% extra. Then get a baby formula container to carry servings. There’s one in the beachfitrob store at

Finally, do the autoship/Home Direct (HD) order. They only charge $4 for shipping that way. So that’s another $10 saved vs. the normal shipping of around $14.

You can cancel this or suspend any of this at any time.

So, your discounted net cost for a bag is $99.46 or $3.31 cents a day BEFORE any tax deductions and fees vs. almost $150 for a one time order.

If you ordered the packets, one time ship, assuming $12 for shipping (it’s around 3 pounds), you could be paying as much as $4.73 per serving


$3.31 vs. $4.73 is a 30% discount.

If you look at the price and ingredients, you can’t get a decent smoothie in a store for even close to that.


Call me at the number in the upper right if you have questions.

Or, Get started here.

Everything is 100% refundable in 30 days. You’ve only got your health to lose. 🙂

If you like pics, these numbers are approximate. There may be a few dollars difference depending on your local tax policy, but it’s still a huge savings.