Two things happened recently that I hope will affirm my commitment to this company, the system, and last but not least, YOU the person looking to get fit and healthy.

The first thing that was a direct moral challenge: Beachbody to my belief, recently corrected an issue that was sort of unfair and or inadvertent. I won’t bore you with the details.

In their attempt to treat me fairly, they overpaid me as far as I can see, at least a few hundred dollars. I didn’t do the math but the sum was almost certainly (99.9%) too much.

I reported it, and asked that they not undo the good part they did. 🙂 No idea what they will do. Maybe it’s even right, but that’s miracle territory.

Secondly, I was and still am in the position to join another nutrition company in the beginning stages, before it even does dollar one in business, and possibly make a huge amount of cash. I doubt I will take it, because while their approach and product seems worthwhile and possibly a bit innovative, I do not think they have the whole picture and solutions we do.

Pills, creams, and wacky devices will not solve most people’s problems. Fitness, proper diet, good gear, and sure, some supplements can amplify your results.

Beachbody has all that, in my opinion.

The point being: Beachbody continues to change my life, and I’m here to help you change yours. The money will take care of itself if I take care of me and you.

Do the right thing, results will follow.

beachfitrob out.