7132_ShkTasteSampler_largeShakeology Sample Sampler…say that ten times fast! Mainly I titled it that because sometimes I call it a sampler and sometimes it’s a sample pack. You decide.

(EDIT: This post has been updated a few times, so that’s why you might see 3 flavors in the page address in your browser window. Sorry, it just keeps getting better!)

It’s finally here. An easy way to try all the Shakeology flavors.

-=>Order a VEGAN only sampler box here. <=-

-=> Order all 6 Vegan and non-Vegan Flavors here <=-

In the dropdown box after you click, you can select the regular or Vegan option. There is a limit of one per Team Beachbody account. But there is nothing to stop a family from signing up each family member for accounts. So a husband and wife can each order one and get both boxes.

After you find what you like, contact me. There are a couple of ordering options like alternating flavors every other month, a bag every other month, free shipping, and two different discount options.

You can get a month of it for $97.46 with the discount I recommend, which is under $3.25 a day. No one buys the packets except to try. They are not cost effective. You usually have a little left so you get more than a month out of the bulk bag.

So, we need to talk about what is the best cost option for you, and how you want your order set up.

My contact info is in the upper right on this page.