No offense to CiCi’s but it’s hard to eat there without making bad choices. Here’s an option (and read on for general ideas).


They will make you a special pizza and bring it to your table even if you bought the buffet. I told them: thin crust, no cheese, veggies and chicken. They forgot the chicken. But still, this is a reasonable option.

In general when eating out just eliminate the easy stuff: mayonnaise, cheese, fried foods (or a very small portion once in a while). Drink water or a lite drink of some kind. Tea, diet soda (I usually don’t bring this home, eating out, not all the time even then plus it’s cheaper), water.

Also ask for substituting for health reasons. Most places will let you do that for that reason. Many places will give you veggies in lieu of fries. Chili’s will give you steamed broccoli instead for example.

In general: cut out the junk that’s easy to cut. You know what it is!