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Not ready for extreme on top of extreme like the crazy guy pictured?

Well, Power 90 is 33% off for a limited time!

Not ready for P90X or have P90X and it was just too much? This is what you should have bought…but that’s ok…Power 90 will get you ready to use P90X next.

If you’d like a more restrained Tony Horton without the goofy uncle jokes so much, Power 90 is for you. (He’s a lot more mellow in this one!)

This is the program that preceded the smash hit ‘Power 90 Extreme’, commonly known as P90X.

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Team Beachbody is offering New & Existing Customers and Coaches a discount on Power 90.

What is Power 90?
Power 90® In-Home Boot Camp is a complete fitness program meant to achieve total-body transformation in 90 days. This easy-to-follow, highly effective combination of sculpting, cardio, and ab workouts helps you lose fat and inches while creating a strong, well-toned physique.

Program Trainer     Tony Horton
Program Length     90 Days
DVD/VHS/Blue-Ray     DVD
Workout Length     About 30-45 mins
Closed Captioned     Subtitles
Certification Available     No
Who should buy the program?
People who want to get fit or lose weight but aren’t ready for an “extreme” program. Or people who just want a simple, easy-to-follow program that will help get them fit in 90 days.
What are the Power 90 Promotion Details?
Tony Horton’s Power 90® program is a revolutionary weight loss and body transformation program that’s so simple and effective; anyone can go from the body they’ve got to the body they’ve always wanted in just 90 days!  Power 90 is the stepping stone for anyone looking for an extreme workout like P90X, but isn’t quite ready for that level of intensity and for a limited time only customers can save 33%!

Promotion Details   Start    End      Retail Price    Promo Price    Discount    Shipping
Power 90               4/8/14     4/28/14     $59.85     $39.95              %33           $6.95

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