A few things I’ve been thinking about lately:

1. There are a lot of home fitness programs, diets, supplements, and the like. And I hope this isn’t too controversial: a lot of the people you are counting on to help you probably don’t appear to be in the shape you want to be in. Are they in it for business, or in it because it made a HUGE change in their life? Personally, I’d been working out religiously for 13 months with P90X before I decided to become a Coach. Then it was just kind of a ‘Well, I’ll see what happens’ sort of deal. That was in October 2010. Three and a half years ago. I’m serious and it’s my lifestyle now. I had the results, and was living the life before I made it a business. That part of it is SECONDARY and OPTIONAL. But when you come across something this good, you want to share it. So, I made it a job for me to help you.

Here are a couple of my role models in the fitness realm: Who’s your role model? Make it me, so I have to work harder. 🙂


2. I don’t have a ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photo set because I’m not done yet. I hope there will never be an ‘After’ unless it’s an open casket photo at my funeral. There’s no point in asking me ‘How long did it take’ because I’ll never be finished. However, since I believe in proof, here’s my progress and accountability album: Facebook Album set.

3. Walking: it’s great to relax, build the fitness habit, be social, and it is good for you, but here’s a thought: what if you did something INTENSE for the same amount of time? That’s what I do. Get the most results I can in the least amount of time. We’re all busy. So, are you finding something challenging and intense and amplifying your results? Some of the programs I use are Fast and Furious and bits from P90X and P90X2 like the Ab Ripper workout. All three of those are around 20 minutes. Or T25 even. That’s 25 minutes. Get a free account here, and then contact me to see how you can get Ab Ripper for free.

Thoughts? Comments? Questions?