This is a sort of a Palak Paneer without the Paneer. And it’s broccoli vs. spinach, because it just sort of evolved that way.

I had some frozen broccoli someone had put back in the fridge instead of the freezer, so it got a little mushy and I cooked it, and it fell apart as veggies and fruits sometimes do after thawing.

You could also do something like our faux potato soup and blend some broccoli for the creamy part and just chop the other up finely.

A rough recipe:

1 cup broccoli

1/2 chicken bouillon cube

sea salt

Heinz Bisto Granules Chip Shop Curry (This stuff:) – about 2 TBSP

Boil the broccoli in the first 3 ingredients and as it gets broken up and is soft, add the last thing to the thickness you like. Just keep a little water in it, enough to make the amount of sauce you’d like when you add the Bisto Granules.


On that note, that chip shop sauce is AWESOME. It thickens soups and sauces and such nicely and is a great cheat to add Indian flavor to anything. I bought a bunch of it once on clearance. 🙂


This Palak is addictive. Adjust the sodium if that’s an issue for you but it’s pretty darn clean eating. And broccoli might be cheaper than spinach, not sure on that one, but IIRC it is. 🙂

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