I think that a lot of my friends out there think I eat super healthy all the time. News flash: No one does! Here are a few confessions from some fitness superstars:


Shaun T (on the left above): “I eat grilled shrimp with either French fries or salad.” (At a Mexican Restaurant)

Tony Horton: (on the right) still eats cookies: Linky. Ok, sure, they’re healthy cookies, but you know there’s some sugar in there right?

So, since these guys cheat and confess, I’m going to start a new tag so you can see my confessions. Sometimes it might be what I ate that day, or my standing list of allowable cheats.

What a standing list means is: if it’s available, I’m going for it.

Let’s start #1 with a whopper: Krispy Kreme. I will eat it, if it’s available. Why? Because they don’t have them where I live. But if I visit Shreveport, LA or Gulfport, MS it’s GAME ON. It’s on the list because I can’t get it for months at a time. That’s fair game.

Note: I hate the word DIET because they don’t work. I only like it as a descriptive word to mean ‘what you eat’. So let’s use it as a noun and not a verb. We don’t diet here!

Check out the new tag: “dietfailconfession” on this post because it will be a running tag. Also look at the ‘tag cloud’ on the right side margin to see topics with that tag. Neat, huh?