I had a friend asking about putting on size, and then I looked and realized I didn’t have a results video for Body Beast.

So here it is with a shout out to my friend Nghia T!

It’s a bit loud, so turn your speakers down. But the results are as ‘loud’ as the music. Or something like that. 🙂

I use the Super suma root supplement from the Body Beast supplement line even though I’m a P90X2 and Insanity guy. (In case you didn’t know, P90X is the same company as Body Beast, so you know it’s good.)

If you want to see all the Body Beast items, just click here to go to the store and then search for Body Beast. You get a 25% discount on EVERYTHING we sell by enrolling here before ordering.

It’s a huge savings if you are serious like I am.

I use my discount to save $50-$60 per month for only a $17 membership. If you have your supplements automatically shipped, there’s a big discount of only $2 for shipping.

I use it to save time and money: no need to place an order, and you can suspend it or change it at any time. Ask me about all that. Call, text or phone me.