Photo on 6-1-14 at 1.51 PM(This recipe will give you big anime eyes.)

I started by blending fructose, a pasteurized egg, vanilla extract, coconut almond milk, some powdered peanut butter and a half scoop of chocolate Shakeology.

I used one of these:

and as it ran I ended up adding about 1.5 tbsp of vanilla espresso Almond butter and some honey to give it a little fat to bind it and sweeten it some more. I tweaked it with some more coconut almond milk too because it was pretty sweet.

Extra goes in the fridge for later.

My 13 year old son liked it!

Future idea: blend some avocado into a fruit flavor. You won’t taste it but it’s a healthy fat. Or avocado oil I suppose also. We are going to do a strawberry or mixed berry this afternoon with some Vanilla or Strawberry Shakeology.

We’ve made this sort of thing before, but in this instance the flavor and additives were a little different.