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Ok, COOL! They are rebooting Power 90. (P90). (Apparently you can reboot any series, even fitness programs.) It’s the first in the P90 series, though many aren’t aware P90X wasn’t the first.

Power 90 is for ALL AGES and ALL FITNESS LEVELS.

P90=Power 90, P90X=P90 Extreme, then there was a Master Series, a One on One with just Tony Horton and the camera guy in his gym, P90X2, P90X3 (which was P90X crammed into 30 minutes vs. 1 hr+), and now, a reboot of P90.

Did I miss anything?

TL;DR? Here’s a video. TL;DW? Power 90 is your gateway drug to the fitness addiction that P90X and P90X2 can become for you, like it did for me.

More details and words from THE MAN, Tony Horton, after the jump.