Updated: 13 Mar 2015

I always wanted one of those frozen dessert makers that turn bananas and fruit into sorbets and soft serve ‘ice cream’ but I never saw one less than $50-$60. Aldi had some and I expect you’ll see them again, but read on because they aren’t much more at Amazon.

Frozen bananas run through these are AWESOME, and CHEAPER than ice cream. And of course healthier by far. I’ve long been adding half a frozen banana to my Shakeology.


Healthiest Meal of the Day


User guide? HA! I’m a guy.


Just buy a lot of bananas, sit them on your counter, and let them get spotty. They get sweeter. Peel, break in half, and freeze. Then you just run them through. Simple. I’d recommend just doing a few pounds at a time so you always have a treat available in short order.

I’m going to try some PB2 in mine next time.

Edit: I do other fruits now too.

Here’s some pics from last nights session:20150312_202146

I used bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. Let them sit a few minutes so there’s some thawed juice to kind of hold it together.


It’s coming out! I had some agave nectar and stevia in the bowl to sweeten it a bit.


Who says eating better has to be a painful experience? And it’s cheaper by FAR than buying something like this. And you know the ingredients. That amount of fruit will make at least 3-4 cones. My extra is in the freezer for today.

Even factoring in the machine cost, something like a couple of dozen uses is probably saving enough to pay for the machine vs. buying store or shop made frozen desserts.