Update: This is still the cheapest way to get a tiny SAMPLE of P90X as well as a fitness test to see if you’re ready, but you can now stream the entire program (as well as P90X2 and P90X3) and download the printed materials for FREE to start. Details here: http://beachfitrob.com/2015/03/03/streaming-workouts-free-club-membership-beachbody-demand/


1. First, sign up for a free account here.

2. Then, hit the iTunes store here for the app. As of this posting it is 99 cents and includes Ab Ripper X, and it will track your workouts, allow you to buy just the parts of P90X you want, etc. Keep checking back, if it’s more now. They put it on sale every couple of months. At least go ahead and get your account ready in step 1.

3. Once you install your app, use the same account login info you created in step 1.

Now, try Ab Ripper X. If you like the minimalist style of the ‘video’ it shows you, buy the workouts you want within the app. Don’t worry about it being too hard. It took me about a year to be able to keep up. Now I can CRUSH that workout.

If you buy all the workouts, this is about HALF the cost of buying the DVD set and now you can take it with you on the road.

If you like the DVDs, they cost more but you get more. You get more workouts, and a 90 day return guarantee.

Use this link and get two more extra DVDs.

So you decide: absolute cheapest, bare bones guided P90X workout or more fully featured DVD set with extra DVD workout discs?