Food for thought on mid-life crises cars: guys of a certain age buy them for various reasons. Porsche, Mustang, etc. (For the record I’ve owned various marques from various countries. Most disappoint in the end.)

Know what I’m buying? New workouts, new gear, and new foods and supplements. Also: I currently drive a Nissan Leaf if that tells you anything. 🙂

My body and health is what I’m about and I get to show that off everywhere, and I live in my body just like everyone does. Do you live in your car?

Where’s your money and focus going? A car, or something else that will take you some place you’ve always wanted to go?

Drop me a line and I’ll work with you to turn your body into that sports vehicle you’ve always wanted.

Here’s my new toy:Photo on 8-8-14 at 1.24 PM

Click the pic for more info.