• beachfitrobshake.com Healthiest meal of the day. Usually after my fasting workout in the morning along with some extra carbs these days because I simply don’t eat enough. Looking for some more mass with Body Beast.
  • Energy and Endurance. I have a little to get me going in the morning. Vitamins, caffeine, some metabolic stuff.
  • P90X Protein bars. These are the best tasting bars. Peanut butter and chocolate for the win. Don’t eat too many, but in a snack or when busy, it’s OK.
  • P90X Recovery. 4:1 ratio, quick carbs, protein, creatine to flush your muscle, vitamins to help ease soreness as anti-inflammatory. And it tastes good.
  • Super Suma. Para todo. For the Body Beast workouts.
  • Protein powder, egg white, etc. You need some extra for intense activity, but don’t go crazy with it. Pasteurized Liquid egg whites are pretty cheap. Great smoothie add-in


I like this if you travel:


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