Here’s the real answer: it’s largely moot.

I’m sure Herbalife and Advocare both have fine products. Team Beachbody products are fine products. None of it matters as much as other things because they are SUPPLEMENTS.

Which means they are additions to what you eat. Which means what you eat is the larger part, and therefore more important.

You could get ripped on chocolate milk, Twinkies, deep fried veggies and fat filled fruit pies probably if you worked hard enough. By that I mean exercise is probably MORE important than what you eat for building muscles, losing weight, etc.

Working out can overcome a lot. Diet and supplements won’t give you a big set of biceps or let you run faster, for example.

If you like muscles and seeing your abs, I don’t recommend that other junk of course. 🙂

“Abs are made in the kitchen.” Oh so true, and they don’t come out of ANY bottle, no matter what someone tells you.

So, pick your supplement (I hope you’ll pick mine) but pick a program you’ll STICK WITH and do CONSISTENTLY OFTEN with INTENSITY (again, pick one of mine!), watch what you eat, and get the rest your body needs.

Gear, program, supplements, and support. We are an end to end health company with everything you need. Heck, we will even do meal planning and make your shopping list if you’re a Club Member as well as a sweet 10% discount.

Contact me and I’ll get you started with the right combination, and my support.