I am doing Insanity Fast and Furious in the morning before I eat, and moving slower than maximum to stay in a fat burning mode. That’s a 115 to 142 heart rate for me. Here’s my pre workout drink.

I use this as my pre-workout drink as a little pick me up. You don’t need much since it’s a 22 minute workout, and basically I just want to knock the cobwebs off at 5AM. Or even earlier sometimes. It builds character.

1. Half a scoop of Energy and Endurance mix. 2 to 4 scoops is the normal amount for a workout.

2. 1 TBSP of P90X Results and Recovery. 1 scoop for during a workout and 2 scoops after is normal. 1 TBSP adds just a little orange creamy sweetness with some antioxidant vitamins, creatine, protein, etc.

3. Optional: Additional flavor of your choice. I have used cherry juice, imitation Red Bull syrup (just a tsp or so), pink lemonade flavor, Acai juice…you name it. The E&E really needs a little help. Currently I’m using the fake Red Bull. 🙂 It only has caffeine and vitamins and not taurine and all the other stuff so it’s not too intense. Let your conscience on the healthiness of whatever you choose guide you. In my book, a little of nearly anything isn’t going to hurt you.

For an intense workout like P90X or Body Beast, I typically use 2 heaping scoops of E&E and some fake Red Bull pre workout.

I sip a 20 oz container of water and have a bottle of straight water as well during the workouts to keep me flushed and from crashing.