Here’s some of my new favorites for protein diet items.

    My notes:

    • I recently placed the 5 eligible items here on Subscribe and Save at Amazon. When you have 5 Subscribe and Save orders that arrive in the same month, you get 20% off. Plus I’m Prime so it’s free shipping. The toilet paper is cheap and is an easy 5th item if you can’t find a fifth. No brainer. You can choose a shipment every 1-6 months so you won’t get too much of something.
    • The LS bars have Stevia so less sugar. The Peanut Butter cookie dough tastes better but the one shown is much cheaper and still tastes pretty good.
    • The Pro Bar Meal bars have whole foods, are organic, etc etc. When you open it, you can see all the healthy stuff. Kind of like a Rice Krispy Treat looking thing with seeds, nuts, grains, etc.
    • The Pro Bar base has chia and flax and 20g of protein. Non-GMO Verified

The subscribe and save brings me to another point: many Beachbody products are only $2 shipping if you use the Home Direct (also called HD or Monthly Autoship) in the ordering options.

There’s a trick here too:

If you call them after your order arrives, you can choose to have the autoship delivered every 1-3 months instead of every month.

My favorite autoship items are:

  1. Energy and Endurance pre workout drink
  2. P90X Results and Recovery drink (This is like 4 lbs, shipped for $2!)
  3. Shakeology (3+ lbs)
  4. Super Suma
  5. Derm Exclusive (I spent a lot of time at high altitudes in an airplane. Sunscreen and such ain’t a bad idea kids.)
  6. P90X Protein bars (These are the only item that is not $2 shipping, but I like them. 3 bars is the same price to ship as 1 bar.)

Further 25% discount: You can pay $15.95 per month for it. I save about $50-$60 per month this way. In the long run, it’s worth it. Plus you can earn some income because they give you a free website that people can order from.

Example: You spend $16 to be a Coach but get a $32.50 discount on Shakeology. That’s an easy decision plus you can write it off on your taxes.