I just haven’t done it for a large part because EVERYONE’S doing it and I’m a contrarian. I also liked what Mike Rowe had to say about it:


Here’s my challenge: set up a small, sustainable, regular system of giving to your particular passion. If it’s ALS, great! If not, what do you care about?

Just don’t do it because it’s the popular thing. Those things fade away.

I change who I’m giving to from time to time but generally when I start, I have something regular going for a good long while.

Of course, I spend WAAAAAY more time than is really worth it money-wise on this here website because I have a passion to help people to look in the mirror and be thrilled with what they see.

That’s worth any amount of money but it takes commitment, determination, and hard, consistent work.


The loftiest goals, whether personal or for someone else entirely, won’t be realized in a short time.

So: Decide, Commit, and help yourself and your charity Succeed in the long term.