These are fun! New Nike+ Fuelband Trophies:

nike+ awards

I got the ‘8’ for ‘winning’ 8 hours in a day by moving a certain amount. One day was: mowing the lawn, Insanity Fast and Furious, and a Body Beast workout.

4300 Nike Fuel points that day, goal was only 3000. but I think the lawnmower might have vibrated some of those in there. 🙂 It’s an assisted push but I digress.

The other is for two Nike+ sessions logged on a weekend. Maybe I should get that made into a real ring.

Get one, have fun, and “Win” some hours for me. Then look for ‘beachfitrob’, Robert Bullock, on Nike+ and we can go head to head for points and glory.




Coming soon: I am collecting average data for various Beachbody workouts to see what kind of Nike+ Fuelpoints you get. 🙂 You may be a bit surprised.