Update: Amazon has them but the price is cheaper from me. On Amazon, they just added in the shipping on EVERY ITEM so if you are ordering more than one thing, order by clicking the pic below instead. Plus, you get my support and advice, which you don’t get from Amazon.

Here’s a tip before you buy: if you are using any consumables from Beachbody on a regular basis, let me look and see if it makes math sense to do so. Call, text, or email me before you buy and I’ll do my best. You can get a 25% discount on everything, starting with the containers.

Or, Click the pic to order the containers if you’re ready. Amazon is $24.80, through me they are $17.85. If you get the 25% discount, they are $13.39.


Protip: consider adding something small to your order like a box of Peanut Butter Chocolate P90X protein bars. One box does not increase the shipping. Another box only adds 65 cents so take a look through the store and see what you’d like shipped free, in effect.


Don’t know what the 21 Day Fix is? Click here.