I put this in my chocolate Shakeology this morning (Click here to get a sampler pack)

It’s got 3 things: A healthy fat (well, ok there’s a lot of debate here), cocoa powder, and Chocolate Shakeology which has 70 great ingredients in it.

You’ll need:

1 tbsp coconut oil (microwave it 5-15 secs if it’s solid, we want it liquid. A little warm is good.)

1 tsp cocoa

1 tsp Chocolate Shakeology

Pour the cocoa and Shakeology into the oil and stir. Pour it slowly over what you want. If you pour it into a shake, go slow as it will go to the bottom if it’s a thinner shake. Or use a spoon to drizzle it.

Mine left a cool chocolate art piece I picked up with the straw. After I blended it again, I had a few pea sized crunchy bits to yum on as well as all the chocolate flakes.

Another option: 1tsp of PB2 and 1tsp of chocolate Shakeology = Peanut butter chocolate magic shell. Or, 2tsp of PB2 for a pure peanut butter flavor.


If you like it after trying the sampler pack, Email me, I have a discount of about 15% for you. 🙂


Make some and dip frozen banana pieces in then set them in the freezer on wax paper. Pour it over some frozen Shakeology. Use it in the vanilla/strawberry flavors.

Dairy Queen? Who needs it? Plus this is cheaper.

The debate: There’s a a lot of good and bad debate about coconut oil. I encourage you to Google it and draw your own conclusions. I will say this: a tablespoon a day isn’t going to hurt you. I use that much or less. There are many emerging studies about the positive effects. And you do need SOME fat every day.

We can say for sure that this is a healthier version because it doesn’t contain a bunch of sugar or artificial stuff like the Dairy Queen and bottled versions.

Here’s a handy search widget to get some coconut oil on Amazon, shipped free.