The guy in the middle is Robert Irvine, I’m the pilot. 🙂

We meet again, sort of.

World-renowned Chef Robert Irvine and FortiFX™ founder/ industry pioneer Sean Perich team up to create a protein bar that provides real great-taste.

Well, that’s for sure. These are the best tasting protein bars I have ever tried. I have the Cookies and Cream flavor, and it’s like eating an ice cream bar. Flavor? Through the roof. There is a SLIGHT artificial sweetener taste to it.

But it’s an 88 gram bar with only 6 grams of sugar.

This is it:


cookies and creme

It tastes as good as it looks.

UPDATE: I tried the Peanut Butter version. It’s as good as the other, just depends on your preference. I think it’s better than a Butterfinger. That’s here:
Chef Robert Irvine FortiFx Fit Crunch Meal Replacement Bar, Peanut Butter,3.10 Ounce,12 Count

So, now for the pros and cons:


Awesome taste. I have only tried the Cookies and Cream, but if it’s an indication the rest are good too.

Whole Wheat in the cookie part, I presume.

Cost is reasonable. This is a BIG bar. 88 grams and 320 calories.


We gotta do them, and there are more than I’d like to see.

Soy. Please stop using this is a protein source in a supplement. It can mimic estrogen, albeit weakly. A little is probably ok, but why use it at all?

Artificial Sweetener. Splenda, i.e. sucralose. How about fructooligosaccharide instead? Or honey or dehydrated cane juice. I’ll accept a little more sugar. Finally, sugar alcohols but too much of that bothers my stomach.

Corn Syrup. Cheap but takes more calories for the same sweetness. Not a problem with me as an ingredient per se, hopefully it’s just for a texture somewhere. Cane syrup preferred, IMHO.

Propylene Glycol Monoesters. High in cholesterol, but not a deal breaker. It metabolizes normally.


Summary: if the cons aren’t a deal killer, then this is an awesome low sugar tasty treat with 30 grams of protein. I wouldn’t eat them constantly more than I’d eat any other bar. But if you also struggle like me to eat enough calories (yes, I really do which is why I’m still not a huge muscular guy IMHO) then these will fit the bill for that, and a guilt free treat.

I got mine at Amazon: