We have a new Coach who’s authored this review of 21 Day Fix for us to post.

Welcome Gesa Drochner Moon to beachfitrob.com

She is in Germany, married to an American servicemember and enjoying the free Coach membership benefit for spouses.

Here’s her thoughts:

10150721_10203635951568322_2271583139115568716_nby Gesa Moon

So: what is so good about the 21 Day Fix? For me it was the trainer (Autumn Calabrese), and the eating plan with the provided portion size cups and food guide that made eating the right portion of the right foods so easy.

I like the way Autumn inspires you to keep going with the program. She is very positive and also for once there is someone in the videos that does not look like a supermodel. It was good to see that even people with a little extra their hips and thighs can do this.

The sentence of the day can be turned into a little mantra to keep you going.

The portion size cups are magic. They make changing your eating habits a lot easier. You finally get a better look at what the right portion size means, without having to bring a scale out or figure around what the size of your thumb, fist or hand actually equates to.

What were the downsides for me?

There are only seven workouts plus a 10 minute abs workout. It can get a little repetitive. They are great high intensity workouts: you will be sweating. The yoga and pilates are great recovery days that will help with core issues and muscles aches etc. by stretching you out and getting you stronger for the next workouts. None of the workouts is longer than 30 minutes so 21 Day Fix great for the busy days we all have. I do prefer things like P90X3, where there is a bit more choice, but I prefer Autumn over Tony. Sorry Tony! J

What did the program do for me?

I lost 5 lbs in the 21 days. Obviously not as much as is advertised and a bit of a downer for me. (Editor’s note from Beachfitrob: That’s GREAT RESULTS. Imagine doing it 2-3 times!) I tried to follow the eating plan to the best of my abilities but I did have a couple slip ups. So, there may be the reason why the weight loss was not bigger.

I did feel better and started to see more definition in my upper arms. Totally great.

Who should try this?

If you feel intimidated by things like T25 and P90X3, this is the program for you. Autumn will help you get that fitness on track and prepare you for more challenging programs. Yes, you may not have spectacular results in 21 days, but your body will start to change and once the 21 days are over, go ahead and storm on to new horizons with the more demanding workout plans. (Editor’s note: or do it again. I did P90X for 4 years before starting P90X2 J )

I still love to do the 10 minute abs fix whenever I only have a little time to work out.


If you never start, you will never change!


Editor’s Note:

Beachfitrob here. Gesa got SOLID results: Good work! And thanks for writing your review.

Gesa has decided to become a regular customer again, so Susie will be handling 21 Day Fix info since she and my daughter did the program.

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