You’ll need:

Fat Free Neufchatel or Cream cheese
Apple sauce or Apple Butter or fruit spread
1 slice Wheat bread, or something to schmear it on. I used raisin bread.


Heat gun. Yeah really: I use it in the kitchen all the time. Use it here to soften the cheese.

I toast the bread  first, (80 calories because it’s smaller than regular bread too), spread the cheese, and put the apple butter on. Really gooey and sweet. It takes 1Tbsp per topping. You can darken the toast edges with the heat gun too. Don’t burn your house down or melt anything extra. đŸ™‚

My inspiration was a baked brie with exotic bread toast corners along with an apple chutney that I had at a restaurant in Galveston, TX but this is cheap, fast and easy. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Plus it’s a lot healthier.

This also satisfies the craving for crunchy and gooey. I think this falls around 150 calories. For me, that’s only 5% of my daily or less.