Here’s the a pic I took of mine I made with the Almond Flour Pancake Recipe I made up today:


1 egg

1/2 cup almond flour – optionally, blend it to make it finer in a food processor or as I did, in a Nutri Bullet with the chopper blade

1tbsp Torani sugar free Vanilla syrup or 1tsp Vanilla flavoring

dash of sea salt

2 tsp honey (I used local) This is optional but a little sugar for caramelization and browning is great!

dash of cinnamon

about 4 tbsp of coconut almond milk to desired thickness

beat all of the above with a whisk or fork

Notes: Yeah, there’s a considerable debate on nut flours. To me, this was a treat and not something I’m going to eat a lot, as one would not eat a lot of nuts. But it’s low carb and fun and tastes good and is good for as part of a varietal diet.

-I cooked it on a gas stove about 1/3rd up from low to high. About halfway between low and medium.

– I used coconut oil since I use 1tbsp daily but hadn’t had any of it on this particular day

-makes 2 8inch or so pancakes.

-Top it with that local honey. 🙂