p90x body beast insanity collage

P90X, Body Beast, or Insanity? Or how about all 3!

Here’s how it went, and I just realized last night when someone bought PiYo on Amazon where you DON’T get the bonus DVDs that you get from me.

1. I bought P90X and got One on One: Fountain of Youth free which is Yoga.

2. I bought Insanity and got Insanity: Fast and Furious free which is a short whole body cardio workout in 22 minutes

3. I bought Body Beast and got Lucky 7 free which is a total body resistance workout (weights and body weight).

So not only did I get the full workouts of course, these three comprise a mini complete workout in it’s own right that was FREE.

You got it all: balance and flexibility, cardio, and resistance. And they total about $60 worth.

THAT’S why you buy from Coach beachfitrob through Team Beachbody.