(read down for the free workout videos)

Here’s a free workout playlist I made up. I use this a lot, when I don’t use the music on my Beachbody Workouts. Currently, I’m doing Body Beast and have been for over 6 months. I wanna be a BEAST. #beastmode. 🙂


Untitled 3

Here’s a link to it, that you can download and import into iTunes: Workout Playlist (To Import, open iTunes then select File, Library, Import Playlist from the menu at the top.)’

You can sample most of them at Amazon:


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Before you go, here’s some free workout videos to go with it: http://beachfitrob.com/tag/freeworkout/

Some are free to stream or download, some come free with other workouts, some are free with a small few dollar purchase.

And finally, here’s a chance to win P90X or Insanity, your choice:

http://business.beachfitrob.com/ At the end, you get a link to also download or stream a free workout video.