Check out this graph of the keyword search ‘free workout’. It gave me some thoughts.

free workout

Sharp peak in January, drop off to nothing at the end of the year: just in time to eat a bunch of junk for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Here’s why your January plan fails. Here’s why MANY workouts fail.

1. You didn’t invest ANYTHING. You were looking for a free workout. Ok, maybe that’s specific to this case. But it makes some sense: did you buy some gear, a HOME PROGRAM you can do there, some supplements to maximize your potential, etc? How much was your cell phone and Starbuck’s bill? Ask yourself: did I invest? Was this expenditure additive to my life? I call this ‘Throwing your hat over the fence.’ The money is spent now you HAVE to use it. Throw your hat over the fence, then you have to go get it. If it’s a cheap gym membership, there’s not much incentive to go or stay home.

2. Who’s helping you? Are you talking to me at Join our community and stay involved. Lean on us, support others. Talk, sleep, eat and plan it. “Decide. Commit. Succeed.” Get social. Be around people who have been there and done that.

3. Are you trying to do too much? You’re not going to look like a couch potato one day and The Rock next week. Pick something you LIKE and can STICK WITH for a while, THEN move on to something bigger. Trim away the junk in your diet a little at a time and learn to cook and read labels.

4. Do you even have a plan at all? And are you following an eating, sleeping, and exercising plan AND are you WRITING IT DOWN so you can do better next time? Just going to the gym and messing around is no formula for success. I see that a LOT. No notebook, going quickly from one workout to another and not doing supersets, force sets etc.

Let’s talk: or call or email me. I’ll get you involved and fix these 4 common problems.