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This is a story I asked┬áto be told once May mentioned she ‘had to learn to walk again’. I knew she’d been getting in shape for a while. I thought: now there’s got to be a story there. Little did I know what a powerful story that would be. She’s too kind in her opinion of yours truly, I just do what I can. She’s the one who is doing the real accomplishing. I was only a small part of her story.

I’m leaving this pinned to the top of my site for a while. Its very inspiring.


Discipline is Born out of Hunger

My hunger for fitness began back in 2010.

I had just escaped an abusive relationship and all I had left was a broken ego.

I told myself that I’d never let another man beat me ever again. I wanted to get fit and I wanted to become strong. I wanted to become strong mentally, emotionally, and physically so no one would dare test me again. I didn’t know where or how to start, so I started reading fitness magazines and working out from home.

In the dead heat of summer, I was the crazy person jogging at 1 o’clock in the afternoon in over 100 degree weather with no shade. I pushed myself hard with the intention of conditioning my mind. In the misery of the heat, I would tell myself over and over that no matter what happened to me, I would survive.

Good thing I convinced myself that I was a survivor, because I was about to be tested again.

On September 18, 2010 I was out late at night partying. I needed a ride home and made the poor choice of climbing into a car with a drunk driver.

The car turned out to be stolen, and as soon as we backed out of the driveway the driver swerved and almost hit a police car that was parked a few houses down watching the house where we were partying.

The policeman immediately flipped on his lights and a high-speed pursuit began. I was sitting in the middle of the backseat with no seat belt on. We were driving so fast that when I looked out of the car windows, the scenery looked like a wet painting that someone smeared with their hands.

Everything was a blur.

The driver tried to take a corner too quickly and before we knew it, my body went forward.

I remember my face hit something and I felt a tooth get knocked out. I yelled, “Ahhh, my teeth!”

Then, the car started to flip.

I knew what was about to happen to me.

My body started lifting out of my seat and I clung onto something for my life. We were driving 120 mph. There was no stopping what was about to happen. My grasp was ripped away and the inevitable happened; I flew out of the back windshield.

I had enough time before landing to quickly think to myself in mid-air “This is going to hurt.”

I was knocked unconscious and when I woke up, I thought I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move and I was on the ground. One of the other passengers was standing over me and kept telling me that I was going to be ok. Then she said, “Oh my God…your leg.”

I was medi-flighted to the nearest hospital capable of treating me.

I had broken both legs, tore up my left leg, broke my left clavicle, knocked a tooth out, and my top lip was ripped and hanging.

On the helicopter ride I asked the EMT if we were going to have to amputate. I now realized he didn’t know at the time, but he told me a white lie that made me feel better.

I was losing so much blood and everything was fading out. My senses were dulled. Even though I was probably yelling, to me I sounded like I was whispering.

I was injured so badly that the doctors were assuring me that a comeback from an accident this huge was going to be a very long process.

My injuries were so bad, at one point I was in the operating room every other day getting debridements. I thought I was going to lose my left leg. Then my right leg turned black and bubbled. I thought I was going to lose both legs.

After one debridement when I woke up from anesthesia I checked under the hospital blanket to see if both my legs were still there.

The doctors couldn’t give me a definite answer before I went under the next time. I was so scared and so anxious. I wasn’t sure if one day I was going to see an empty space where my legs used to be.

To my surprise…I got to keep both legs, but I had to be transferred to another hospital where skin grafting could be performed. I literally had to sacrifice the skin off my back to keep my legs but I wouldn’t have it any other way today.

Fast forward three months, and I got back into working out. I was determined to get back into shape. I was beaten down by a man and now beaten down by life. I had endured too much to give up now. I had to move forward; it was my only option. I kept going through so much pain and even though I thought of killing myself, I kept telling myself that if I gave up now, than all of the suffering I went through was for nothing.

I had to start all over. I had to learn how to walk again. I wouldn’t let myself stay in a wheelchair.

That Christmas I asked for a treadmill.

Many tears later in 2012 I saw commercials for the “Insanity” workout. I wanted another challenge.

I called BeachBody and decided to order “Insanity”. I was lucky enough to get Rob as my coach and he has held me accountable ever since.

I completed the “Insanity” challenge and from there my hunger for fitness has only grown.

I loved the “Insanity” challenge so much that I declared to myself that from there on out I would always have a physical fitness goal that I strive to achieve.

I’m glad I decided to do “Insanity” because it’s been a great stepping stone in my physical achievements.

I am now preparing for my first Bikini Bodybuilding competition.

Even though 30% of my body is covered in scars and I may not look like a typical Bikini competitor, in my heart I have already won.

may k

-May K.