I wrote this because I kept hearing “Don’t need no fancy pills or shakes!” so here’s my two cents.

The quick version: Do you absolutely need them? No. Do they make a difference? That’s a big YES.

Why? I can say from working out with them vs. not, that I can tell a difference, often a big one, if I don’t use them. Example: On my leg workout yesterday, I crashed near the end of the workout when I wasn’t sipping some Results and Recovery drink during the session. When I’m tired and need some pick me up for the workout, I use Energy and Endurance.

Thank about it: if you are a busy person, pushing yourself, and maybe you don’t get enough sleep (You should! PLEASE TRY! Naps rule!) or are a little older, etc. you might need a little help here and there. My other thinking is if I’m sweating my butt off and working hard, a few extra dollars well spent lets me get the most out of that time.

So without further ado, here’s what I use. They are mild and conservative supplements. I have used some in the past had made me feel ‘weird’. Too much stimulant or something. Or, sometimes they just don’t taste good.

Note: All the links to Beachbody goods have the nutrition label available when you are looking at the item as a PDF link if you want to delve deeply into them.

1. Creatine. Supplies energy to the body’s muscles. You body makes this, and it’s found in all sorts of foods. Extremely safe in normal persons. The Wikipedia article has good info. Creatine, is creatine, more or less. Like buying sugar. It’s all pretty much the same IMHO. I take half of my daily in the morning and the other half about 20-30 mins before a workout along with my E&E below.

2. Beachbody Energy and Endurance. A proprietary blend of advanced nitric oxide boosters, essential B vitamins, electrolytes, and natural energizers. Such as caffeine, etc. I add a little cranberry juice cocktail to mine because it tastes better that way, or you could use the results and recovery below.

3. Beachbody Super Suma. Click the link for more info. Supports protein synthesis, is an adaptogen, and bonus: increased libido.

4. Shakeology. A healthy superfood, ultra nutrient dense shake with probiotics. It’s the ‘kitchen sink’ of shakes. Not strictly necessary, just makes life easier when you are trying to eat well and are busy.

5. Protein Bars. Pick yours. I like the P90X Chocolate Peanut Butter and the FortiFX brand. I wish FortiFX would take out the few ingredients I don’t like but the taste/texture is AWESOME. Note on the P90X bars: shipping is the same for 3 boxes as for one, so I do 3 at a time.

6. Protein Shake. There’s so many out there, I don’t have advice on a particular one. I have a hard time eating as much as I should so I use these to get more nutrition in a smaller volume of food. Please use our Amazon shopping link here so we get credit for your purchase. Or buy those new gym clothes you’ve been wanting. We appreciate your support.

7. P90X Results and Recovery Drink. This tastes GREAT and the simple sugars are a treat. Quick carbs DO have a place. I sip it during a workout to keep from crashing. And I’m never very sore when I use it after a workout. It’s like a frothy orange drink. Very tasty and beneficial.

8. Vitamins/Minerals. Pick from a reputable company. Beachbody is, of course. It’s just cheap insurance. I have no strong preference here. It’s like creatine. Pretty much a staple. Or Amazon.