I’ve been making a bowl of it from the bigger 12oz or so cans. This isn’t a recipe per se. But here’s some tips for keeping the flavor and changing up an old boring sandwich with some simple, quick, and inexpensive ideas. If you make a bigger bowl, then you’ve got several sandwiches worth.

1. I use low fat greek yogurt from a big tub instead of mayo to kind of bind it all together and keep it moist and creamy.

2. Leave some juice in when you drain the can.

3. Be creative! I made one with salsa and fresh cilantro. Southwest or Tex-Mex Tuna. This was really good after it sat a few days and the cilantro flavors came out. Garlic, sea salt, pepper.

4. Curry! I’m going to try this next. A little curry oil and some curry. Options here in the Beachfitrob Store.

5. Toast the bread or wrap. I know, it’s simple, but who wants a soggy sandwich?

6. If it sits for a day or so, like so many compound foods, the flavors will meld nicely.

7. Capers instead of pickles.

8. Use Onion powder or other powders instead of sometimes too big chunks. Plus no waste and it’s quick.

9. Tomatoes. Some cherry tomatoes chopped into smaller pieces add moisture and texture differences.