First, I modified this recipe:

You can easily make this gluten free and dairy free, and it still tastes GREAT. These turned out REALLY well and I’m kind of proud of them. One of my better efforts.

My substitutions were:

1. Swerve Sweetener and Sin Free Sugar. I used about 80% Swerve and 20% Sin Free.

2. PB2 instead of Peanut Butter, and I added about 2-3 tbsp of white chia seeds for some crunch, and hey, more healthy stuff.

3. Instead of butter, I used Carrington Farms Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut oil. I used a couple of dollops, or maybe 3-4 tbsp.

4. I used Cashew milk instead of milk.

5. I use some Chex gluten-free oatmeal partially. About one fourth of it was gluten-free the rest was regular quick coats.

6. I used a different type of vanilla flavoring I had lying around doing nothing.

Notes: I plan next time to cut some sweetener and add PB2. These came out VERY sweet and I’d like more peanut butter flavor. I might also dust them with cocoa and/or PB2. If you don’t like coconut flavor, used a refined coconut oil. That has little to no flavor.

I might also shift the mix of sweeteners because Swerve is a bit odd: if you drink some water after, which you will probably want, it brings the sweet taste back and it’s also a slightly unusual type of sweetness, but it doesn’t have an aftertaste. Just more like an ‘after-sweet’.

The other ideas I had were: some shredded coconut, and some chopped almonds/cashews/peanuts depending on how you want to go. Heck, all three in moderation. 🙂 Almond meal would give some good texture and crunchy bits too. Or, you might mix in just a little cashew/almond butter and use PB2 for the majority.

I hope you like it! I do. I have a container of them in the fridge right now and they are calling to me!