Kids lose them and you get your flavors mixed up etc. right? Yep, so this post is as much for reference as it is for you.

I found some of the correct sizes on Ebay:

Once there, just search for 70cc, 63cc and 60cc.

You could also use them to make your own samples. Include the scoop in a Ziploc bag for far less than the prepacked single serve bags from Beachbody.


Flavor Serving Size Scoop Size
Vanilla 35g Smaller Scoop (63cc)
Greenberry 35g Smaller Scoop (63cc)
Strawberry 35g Medium Scoop (70cc)
Chocolate 42g Larger Scoop (80cc)
Tropical Strawberry 41g Medium/Large Scoop (73cc)
Chocolate Vegan 43g Larger Scoop (80cc)



You also MUST HAVE THESE in your food bag:

Get either the 100cc expansion or the starter kit that comes with a 60 and a 100 and some smaller sizes for tablets, creatine, stevia, etc.

Additional Beachbody Supplement scoop sizes:

P90X Results and Recovery: 47cc

Energy and Endurance 2.5cc (A very common size for pre-workout, so check your other pre-workout drinks. Tip: I rotate based on type of workout and my mood, so as not to build a resistance to it. Also: try not to drink caffeine laden drinks so your pre-workout works better.)